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    Fri May 8 22:16:37 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Lost 1980's Movies.

    @tangerine I used to watch Flight of the Navigator in the weekend afternoon tv spot when I was a kid. Seemed cutting edge at the time.
    My favorite character of the film!

    this was the best movie ever!! loved it as a kid just now i remember it again .

    Thanx for your post!

  2. Thu May 7 11:26:43 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Mad Max.

    i want to see that movie so bad!!! i hope its good .. my favorite is madmax2

  3. Thu May 7 11:24:42 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Jason Brower- New GPK Artist.

    welcome to the 80spg!!! have fun!!!

  4. Thu May 7 11:23:50 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Hey Everyone! .

    welcome to the 80spg have fun!!!!

  5. Mon May 4 21:12:46 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Garage Sale/Marketplace Finds.

    who ya gonna call ?? ghostbusters!!!

    love that song love the toyline ecept the animated line allthough i watched the show hated the toys -image-

    are these bootleg figures? i saw those before i think these are smaller then the original toys
    limbs are solid plastic , are there any make or date stamped on it?

    pretty cool find el smetcho!

  6. Mon May 4 13:45:49 2015
    N Neon88 posted in FAKE HUNDREDS SETS.

    wow... i did buy a set , travis was a friend of mine... this sucks.

  7. Mon May 4 13:30:39 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Mattel Boglins.


    @Neon88 pretty cool , but still nothing compared to the original toy!  -image- -image-

    I like that the colors are a bit more bright. They don't seem to differ much other than the details seem to shine through a bit more. Have you picked any up lately?

    not the 2k versions but the once i posted are mine , the US and european boxes are a little different though , the tekst offcourse is all english but also the prison bars are silver for US and black for Europe  -image-

  8. Mon May 4 13:07:05 2015
    N Neon88 posted in Mattel Boglins.

    pretty cool , but still nothing compared to the original toy!  -image- -image-

  9. Mon May 4 01:50:05 2015
    N Neon88 posted in 2015 Dutch Comic Con.

    wow great info and pictures! Sorry i couldnt meet you guys. i went with my wife and she doesnt
    like crowded places.. but she still wanted to go, well let me tell you i never saw so many people in one place :D we left two hours before the meet....  -image-

    We had a blast though before people started rushing in , i did buy something for my girls
    some adventure time pluches but that was all. there where very little vintage toys.
    we did shoot some pictures ! enjoy

    Me in the delorean , getting in was easy getting out a little harder. i guess mj fox is a little smaller then me :(









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