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    Mon Aug 17 13:44:36 2015
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  2. Fri Jun 26 13:20:41 2015

    Hi John, i will not be able to respond here anymore but please check your inbox on Facebook.


  3. Sat May 30 17:50:24 2015
    I Ilovethe80s posted in Anna's GPK Dolls.

    @Ilovethe80s [size=140]Anna's GPK Dolls[/size]


    Official Storefront:

    Prices: Vary from 45-60 give or take depending on the amount of work.







  4. Sat May 30 14:30:09 2015
    I Ilovethe80s posted in General Mills/Donruss Zero Heroes.

    @Ilovethe80s Checklist:
    Source: http://www.nslists.com/zerohero.htm

      1    The Fantastic Fast Guy
    (2)  Do Not Enter - Protected by Zero Heroes
      3    Muscle Man
      4    Put-Down Man
      5    Brand X Man
      6    Power Baby
      7    Rat Man
      8    Milk Man
    (9)  Award - Zero Hero Crime Fighter
    10    Lard Lady
    11    Ape Man
    12    The Silver Screamer
    13    Hen Boy
    14    Video Boy
    (15)  Super Turkey
    16    Great Gobbler
    17    Egbert the Barbarian
    (18)  Secret Society of Zero Heroes
    19    Commander Big Foot
    20    Wonder Rich Guy
    21    Colossal Cockroach
    22    Commander Clown
    23    Captain Cement
    24    Silver Skunk
    25    Yellow Belly
    26    Captain Ugly
    27    Amazing Fantastic Colossal Power Zapper Wonder Man
    28    Power Punk
    29    Super Sneezer
    30    Space Slug
    (31)  Zero Hero
    32    Super Surfer
    33    Flash Light
    34    Super Swine
    35    Captain Clod
    36    Caped Cucumber
    37    Toad Man
    38    Captain Longdistance
    39    The Power Pinhead
    40    Dazzling Dog
    41    Valley Girl
    42    Fantastic Flea
    (43)  Zero Hero Official I.D. Card
    44    The Z Team
    45    Captain Forgetful
    46    Thunder Thighs
    (47)  Z Team
    48    Garlic Girl
    49    Mean Man
    50    The Fall Person
    51    Lead Head
    52    Bullet Boy
    (53)  Warning! This Vehicle Protected by Zero Heroes
    54    Commander Cheese
    55    Fancy Man
    56    Wonder Weakling
    57    Steel Putty Man
    58    Beetle Man
    59    Cream-Puff Man
    60    Caped Computer
    61    Greased Lightning
    62    Jet Boy
    63    The Caped Rock Head
    64    Bird Boy
    65    Electric Man
    66    The Incredible Bulk

  5. Sat May 30 08:02:57 2015
    I Ilovethe80s posted in PERU - La Pandilla Basura - *BOOTLEG*.

    @Ilovethe80s [size=140]PERU - La Pandilla Basura - *BOOTLEG*[/size]



    Fake Album:

    Note: The Peruvian La Pandilla Basura cards are not Officially sanctioned Topps Product. They are Bootleg.

    More coming soon

  6. Tue May 26 10:47:02 2015

    @AC Slater

    @Ilovethe80s Bottom line: PSA does whatever it wants

    Yeah, I won't even bother to check their policies. What they say and what actually happens differs. I do think the "authentic" label is a hedge for them to not have an unhappy customer and put something in a slab they cannot give a grade to if they suspect something. PSA is kind of a joke, but I would still trust it over a random dealer telling me the condition of the card. But the buyer still needs to do their own evaluation of the card to judge whether or not it is worthy of the cost.

    From all the discussions i saw on this, BGS got the nod over PSA each time due to its .5 incremental system and it having been the industry standard for a longer period of time, especially for older cards. Strangely enough, in our hobby, PSA is preferred. I think we can all infer why based on their loose policies. I'd like to see more BGS graded cards. When i do see someone use BGS it's usually for international cards. Grant_ant has used them a lot for his israeli cards seing that they actually recognize most foreign cards. Im thinking of getting my loucomania graded with them for shits and giggles.

    This guy said it best

    @Darkpersian If your looking to grade cards for resale I suggest you get your cards graded by PSA as they sell a lot better then BGS. PSA 10s always sell better then BGS 9.5 despite the cards be exactly the same condition or in some cases the BGS is better.


    and that is why, in our hobby comprised of 95% dealers, 5% collectors, the majority of people use PSA. ALL ABOUT THE MONEYY MONEY MONEY 

    i need to find a normal hobby...

  7. Tue May 26 05:57:20 2015
    I Ilovethe80s posted in The Most expensive GPK's on Ebay.

    #1 is now: 450,000$



  8. Tue May 26 03:39:46 2015

    @AC Slater Slab does not equal grade. I think they will slab anything "authentic".

    Let me rephrase, wasn't saying slab=grade. What i meant to say is they won't slab cards hand cut from uncut sheets (it's in their policy). They still do it of course, but it's not standard procedure perse.

    Interesting discussions about these topics here:

    Edit: Found this interesting bit of info:

    My understanding is that as a general matter they will give them a numerical grade if the cut is outside the border and an authentic grade if the cut is inside the border, so in effect there is a minimum size requirement.


    So that could hint to the fact that this card is slightly smaller. It's confusing though because that seems to be their policy for "hand Cut" cards, those deemed not to have come from an factory made uncut sheet.

    this psa slabbed card should have gotten some kind of notation. Seems too vague.

    edit: don't care anymore to waste my time on this. IF anyone has better information have at it.

    Bottom line: PSA does whatever it wants

  9. Tue May 26 00:08:43 2015
    I Ilovethe80s posted in krazy fanart .

    @AC Slater Really nice!! I am curious about the blanks. Do they have anything printed on the back?

    the backs are blank. The sellers name is: Jason Schwartz

    Here's the rates for those blanks


    $4 shipping for unlimited cards

    I am asking him about international rates so maybe el smetcho, jay, keithout and others here can get them too.

    Krazy, nice inking dude


  10. Tue May 26 00:00:31 2015

    @AC Slater lol, @ilovethe80s, your quotes support what I said. If they were altered (cut from a sheet) then they would not be able to assign a grade, but they might say it's "authentic".

    If im reading it correctly, they will not grade (slab) a card from an uncut sheet (that is cut) at all. The os1 sheet i linked to in my last post was diecut. In fact the last 2 that sold on ebay were both die cut.

    What PSA seems to have determined is that this card is not from an uncut sheet, what we don't know is, if it's a proof card or part of the regular release.

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