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  1. 2 days ago
    Sat Feb 25 15:08:35 2017
    AC Slater started the conversation MacHack FAQ 2.0.

    Some good info here for trying to figure out how stuff works for 68k Macs.

  2. Sat Feb 25 09:25:20 2017
    AC Slater started the conversation Replacement Gear for Vintage Macintosh Floppy Drives.


    I am not sure how widespread of a problem this is, but someone made replica 3D printed gears. I wonder how strong the replacement material really is. The detail looks decent though. It is supposed to work with 400k/800k/1.44Mb floppy drives with auto eject motor (made by Sony).


  3. 5 days ago
    Wed Feb 22 00:02:12 2017

    Cool, I read the first paragraph and it sounds good, but I want to watch it first and then I'll read it after. :)

  4. last week
    Sat Feb 18 23:50:44 2017

    Wow, just looking at the movie poster, it looks awesome. I need to check it out!


  5. Sat Feb 18 23:48:42 2017
    AC Slater posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.

    Looks like it's in flawless condition. You're always looking out! Oh wait, 0 feedback, but he seems to be very up-front about his sales with nothing to hide.

  6. Sat Feb 18 00:35:04 2017
    AC Slater posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.

    Haha, good point about their signature frame-broiled smell.

  7. Tue Feb 14 22:36:25 2017
    AC Slater posted in Stuck in My Head.

    "I'm dead set against drugs..." Sure buddy. ;-)



  8. Tue Feb 14 22:28:17 2017
    AC Slater posted in Making of an Epic Macintosh SE/30.

    Yeah, I know right? I had 1MB of RAM in 1990! The amount of RAM you can put in the SE/30 is one of its legendary features. But when it shipped, it had a 24-bit ROM even though the hardware was 32-bit, so the max was RAM config back then was 32MB, which was probably plenty. Then a system patch Mode32 came along to allow for for RAM. They also made the ROM modular on a SIMM, I am guessing in case they wanted to sell upgrade kits later, but it never happened.

    I have a programmable ROM SIMM installed that was made by an enthusiast hacker, Doug Brown. It uses a IIsi ROM as a base with some tweaks like a boot disk that can be selected on startup or you can program in a custom boot chime. The stock ROM SIMM from some later models interestingly can be used with some older ones without any major side effects. System 8.1 is the last OS you can install on an SE/30, but you need a 32-bit ROM or else it will not boot.

  9. Tue Feb 14 21:17:24 2017
    AC Slater posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.


    If you are in Israel, catch an adult meal at Burger King for the special day. O_o

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Feb 12 23:23:00 2017
    AC Slater posted in Making of an Epic Macintosh SE/30.

    Yeah, I should try with a color video card. :) I added a pic of the DayStar 030 accelerator with the QFP style CPU and the "new" FPU.

    I added 128MB of RAM to the system.


    I am waiting on a couple parts to come for the PSU.

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