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  1. 4 days ago
    Mon Apr 24 21:51:56 2017
    AC Slater posted in 80s fashion.

    Some more images of Markie Post. She is rocking a multicolored mullet and exercise gear. I would consider her mullet to be one of the top female examples of all time. Unfortunately, in later seasons of Night Court, she cut it off with a much shorter style. She seemed to be constantly varying the form of her mullet, which could probably have its own thread. I noticed on her bio that she is a native of the California Bay Area, having been born in Palo Alto. :D





  2. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 14 22:08:35 2017
    AC Slater posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.

    lol, awesome use of the screen real estate. Good thing I stopped blocking N. Korea sometime back. There also used to be a block on Qatar for silly reasons.

    I miss the 80's!!!!

  3. Thu Apr 13 23:19:03 2017
    AC Slater posted in Rip: 80's Legends.

    RIP J. Geils J. Geils Band founder dead at 71 . Freeze Frame easily gets stuck in my head and is such a strange music video, in a good way.


  4. Thu Apr 13 22:51:55 2017
    AC Slater posted in Full House News.

    @tangerine Wow, the placement of the X on the guy's face says it all.

    Yeah, it was appropriate since I have now seen some reports of him violating a recently filed restraining order Sweetin made against him, stalking, relapsing, guns, threats, $1 million bail, etc.

  5. Wed Apr 12 23:09:56 2017

    The fanny pack I got last year is too boring. Perhaps this pizza one will give my waist some flair.


  6. Wed Apr 12 22:39:21 2017

    Those charms are awesome, I want one!

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Apr 8 14:05:22 2017
    AC Slater posted in Taco Fashions.

    Interesting. I have fond memories for an experimental effort they did called "Border Bell" while in high school. The last post is making me hungry.

  8. Sat Apr 8 12:20:26 2017
    AC Slater posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.


  9. Thu Apr 6 22:41:22 2017
    AC Slater posted in Saved By The Bell News.

    Wow, those are awesome! The fabric pattern is really cool. I wish I had a shirt like that.

    There hasn't been a lot of Saved by the Bell News lately. I saw some mention of the The Max themed pop-up diner opening up in more locations, but having the original so far away bummed me out.

    I saw this article on halloween costumes of the cast that is really well done. Saved by the Bell = Best Group Halloween Costume Ever



  10. Thu Apr 6 22:20:10 2017
    AC Slater posted in Steve Urkel vs Screech Powers.

    I agree, I would rather dress like Screech. Though I wonder about having suspenders since I feel like my pants don't stay up enough through the day. I really dig this shirt Screech wore at least once on the show.


    His wardrobe always kind of had an artistic flair.


    There was another parallel between the shows where Screech and Steve, in the later years of their character arcs, started dressing more 90's and somewhat toned down. Sadly, Steve decided that to win Laura's affection, he needed to dress a bit more normal and slightly lower the register of his voice. There was a love triangle between him, Laura, and Stefan at the time. And Screech being the assistant principal of Bayside, had to dress just a little more professional (note the pinup ladies on his tie).



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