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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu Aug 10 00:56:24 2017
    AC Slater posted in The Golden Girls.

    @andyandy Wow, that GG parody cover has been slightly haunting me. :-p

    At Target I spotted a legit Golden Girls coloring book, and it looks decent. Here is the front cover:


  2. 5 months ago
    Sat Jun 24 14:28:17 2017
    AC Slater posted in It's a mistake.

    @Prnoss, try reattaching the mistake. Welcome to the forum! =)

  3. Sat Jun 24 14:27:25 2017
    AC Slater posted in Does anyone know this GPK error?.

    Hey @Pemphigus welcome to the forum! The error looks like a more typical printing defect. I am not sure if it would command any sort of premium if you are looking to sell them. It depends on what a buyer is looking for. Typically the more dramatic the error, or if it looks like something recognizable, the more of a premium. It also helps if there are at least a couple dozen copies so there are at least a few collectors that will talk about it.

  4. 7 months ago
  5. Mon Apr 24 21:51:56 2017
    AC Slater posted in 80s fashion.

    Some more images of Markie Post. She is rocking a multicolored mullet and exercise gear. I would consider her mullet to be one of the top female examples of all time. Unfortunately, in later seasons of Night Court, she cut it off with a much shorter style. She seemed to be constantly varying the form of her mullet, which could probably have its own thread. I noticed on her bio that she is a native of the California Bay Area, having been born in Palo Alto. :D





  6. 8 months ago
    Fri Apr 14 22:08:35 2017
    AC Slater posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.

    lol, awesome use of the screen real estate. Good thing I stopped blocking N. Korea sometime back. There also used to be a block on Qatar for silly reasons.

    I miss the 80's!!!!

  7. Thu Apr 13 23:19:03 2017
    AC Slater posted in Rip: 80's Legends.

    RIP J. Geils J. Geils Band founder dead at 71 . Freeze Frame easily gets stuck in my head and is such a strange music video, in a good way.


  8. Thu Apr 13 22:51:55 2017
    AC Slater posted in Full House News.

    @tangerine Wow, the placement of the X on the guy's face says it all.

    Yeah, it was appropriate since I have now seen some reports of him violating a recently filed restraining order Sweetin made against him, stalking, relapsing, guns, threats, $1 million bail, etc.

  9. Wed Apr 12 23:09:56 2017

    The fanny pack I got last year is too boring. Perhaps this pizza one will give my waist some flair.


  10. Wed Apr 12 22:39:21 2017

    Those charms are awesome, I want one!

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