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  1. 2 years ago
    Sun Feb 22 11:37:33 2015

    @Zeleznik Thanks for everyone's patience!

    Here are two very rough sketches. A Topps back Alley scene and a Battle scene. I kept the Alley scene GPK only. The GPK characters that were more action oriented I put in the Battle scene

    Don't worry if you don't see the details of your characters yet (Stinger's pie head for example).

    Right now there are 10 people in the Battle Scene and 11 in the Alley. That leaves one more left to be placed. GPK Dave & El Smetcho are occupying one space at the moment. I should be able to squeeze another person in the alley if necessary. But, I'd like to know if anyone wants to leave the alley and join the battle? Keithout would be a good choice since he has the skeletor staff.

    ALLEY: GeePeeKrazy & Lovethe80's are going to be trading/arguing/fighting over GPK cards (OS 16?)

    Kip, you are going to peeling a sticker of the dumpster. You asked for your kid and you, but room is tight. I could make your kids face the sticker or make him a tattoo on your arm. any thoughts?

    BATTLE:  Haven't figured out the setting yet. Most likely destroyed building rubble.

    Chad needs to be a little less prominent and the guys on the right more prominent.

    Liquidfox, I have you in your Garfield "I hate Mondays" t-shirt looking out at the viewer with a perplexed/ grumpy face. As if to say WTF am I doing here? But if you'd like to join the battle as well let me know. If so give me an idea of your weapon of choice or I'll come up with something.

    Casio Kid, I was thinking about giving ET laser beam eyes blasting Chad. Not authentic, so it's your call?

    Iamweasel, you are Gambit at the moment but that might change to one of your other choice as I develop the scene

    Altma, most likely will be a green Bumblebee but that also  might change if another Transformer works better.

    Thanks John , I'd prefer if ET was his normal little self. If you want me blasting Chad though using something like an 80's ray gun or anything then that would work too. Make it more of a battle scene then.

  2. Sun Feb 22 11:30:26 2015

    @GregoryPaulSmith A Sectaur Toxic Avenger!!!  :(

    Did you get my Smetches that I sent you for the Smetch fest ?

  3. Sun Feb 22 09:58:16 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in The Casio Kids Fan Art.

    Thanks very much guys. Really appreciated and certainly not expected !  :D This comic has literally kept me entertained for the past two weeks. I did it in multiple sittings and I also ended up buying 10 more copic markers in order to complete it with the shades that I wanted. It really helps to have a large spectrum to choose from.

  4. Fri Feb 20 19:11:48 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in The Casio Kids Fan Art.

    First comic cover I've done ... I really like the paper on these :(


  5. Fri Feb 13 15:26:03 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in Marker Trading Depot.

    @AC Slater You're the only one using Tombows  :p

    Got any spare new Copics for trade  ? I've got around 10 brand new spares

  6. Tue Feb 10 17:04:56 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in 30 Year Anniversary (2015) Magazine Ad.

    I like the bright dwight but I'd have to rig up some kind of flame in that candle !

  7. Tue Feb 10 17:02:27 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in Smetch Fest 2014.

    Will we get to see a montage of smetches soon ? :(

  8. Tue Feb 10 16:26:11 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in Adam Zombie Poster Announcement.

    @Fermentis wow!! that piece really pops!!! nice work Chad! -image-

    Yeah that's incredible work right there !

  9. Tue Feb 10 16:24:37 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in Adam Zombie Poster Announcement.

    Eeep ! Damn that awesome !

    Can someone ask Chad to put 'do not bend' on the envelope please and make it really clear . The stupid mail woman that delivers has a habit of folding envelopes in half to get them through the door !!!

  10. Tue Feb 10 10:52:58 2015
    T TheCasioKid posted in The Casio Kids Fan Art.

    @Ilovethe80s I think that's your best card. The shading on that piece is fantastic. Not sure who did what though, but together you guys killed it. Really hope you guys keep doing more like that.

    Thanks .... The take a GPK to lunch was a colab and the walking ted i did for Timothy federette.

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