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    Wed Jun 14 07:37:45 2017
    Lazlo started the conversation E.T..

    June 11, 2017 was the 35th anniversary of E.T. being released. Here are some E.T. oriented commercials from the awesome '80s.

  2. 3 months ago
    Sun Mar 5 19:40:51 2017
    Lazlo posted in Stuck in My Head.

    Here's my fave from Schoolhouse Rock . . .

    Only thing is, since "Pluto, little Pluto" is no longer considered a planet, this is out of date. Very catchy though.

  3. Sun Mar 5 19:36:14 2017
    Lazlo posted in The Best 80's Commercials.

    @tangerine that commercial is a guilty pleasure, but it is funny! LOL

    OK, here's an '80s commercial I love, without any irony . . . its just a cool commercial. Just watching it makes me want to go to the edge of the Grand Canyon and stand there eating chocolate.

  4. Sun Mar 5 19:26:35 2017

    AC Slater- I really need to check out Joysticks. I had not been familiar with it, but if its an '80s flick about video games, I have to see it. The other Jon Gries character that I am familiar with is the peaked-in-high-school former jock in Napoleon Dynamite. But, yeah, Real Genius is so classic '80s to me. Its one of my favorite movies, and it always takes me back to that '80s period, with that '80s style and vibe. It has quite a cult following, too.

  5. Sun Mar 5 08:08:16 2017
    Lazlo posted in Stuck in My Head.

    OK, this one goes back to my nerdy '70s childhood, but I've had this running in my head a lot lately. When I'm by myself, I've hummed it too! "You know they're nouns . . . ."

  6. Sun Feb 26 11:13:55 2017

    Thanks tangerine! Good to be here with people who have such good taste (they all love the 80s!!).

  7. Thu Feb 23 21:24:21 2017
    Lazlo posted in The Best 80's Commercials.

    OK. I'm sure this is a little mean, but where I used to live growing up, this commercial provided endless comic relief. Especially the "I've fawlen, and I cant GET UP!!"

    (In all fairness, this sounds like a good product, and I'm sure its no laughing matter if you need it.)

  8. Thu Feb 23 21:18:52 2017
    Lazlo posted in The Best 80's Commercials.

    This is a commercial from a forgotten off-brand roach spray. But with a rather catchy tune.

    My mom used to love this commercial. She knew the lyrics, and would sometimes sing them and crack up laughing.

  9. 4 months ago
    Tue Feb 21 05:19:13 2017

    AC Slater- Real Genius is a blast. Fun, quirky, off the wall and very '80s.

    I wrote a post on Real Genius on my blog. It might give you an idea of what its like:

    Real Genius

  10. Sat Feb 18 03:05:33 2017

    Thanks AC Slater and andyandy. I did get the my nickname from Lazlo Holifeld in Real Genius. I need to upload my Lazlo pic onto this site.

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