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  1. yesterday
    Sun Feb 26 11:13:55 2017

    Thanks tangerine! Good to be here with people who have such good taste (they all love the 80s!!).

  2. 4 days ago
    Thu Feb 23 21:24:21 2017
    Lazlo posted in The Best 80's Commercials.

    OK. I'm sure this is a little mean, but where I used to live growing up, this commercial provided endless comic relief. Especially the "I've fawlen, and I cant GET UP!!"

    (In all fairness, this sounds like a good product, and I'm sure its no laughing matter if you need it.)

  3. Thu Feb 23 21:18:52 2017
    Lazlo posted in The Best 80's Commercials.

    This is a commercial from a forgotten off-brand roach spray. But with a rather catchy tune.

    My mom used to love this commercial. She knew the lyrics, and would sometimes sing them and crack up laughing.

  4. 6 days ago
    Tue Feb 21 05:19:13 2017

    AC Slater- Real Genius is a blast. Fun, quirky, off the wall and very '80s.

    I wrote a post on Real Genius on my blog. It might give you an idea of what its like:

    Real Genius

  5. last week
    Sat Feb 18 03:05:33 2017

    Thanks AC Slater and andyandy. I did get the my nickname from Lazlo Holifeld in Real Genius. I need to upload my Lazlo pic onto this site.

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Feb 11 09:35:51 2017
    Lazlo started the conversation Greetings from Retro-Awesomeness (an 80s blog).

    Greetings from Retro-Awesomeness (an 80s blog)

    Check out my '80s blog!

    Good to be here among other '80s fans!

  7. Sat Feb 11 09:28:42 2017
    Lazlo joined the forum.