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  1. last week
    Wed Feb 15 18:38:36 2017
    tangerine posted in 80's Playa's of the Week.

    I bringing this tradition back. New playa of the week....


    You've made us laugh time and time again. Thanks for hanging out at the playground
    and kickin' it '80s style.

  2. Wed Feb 15 18:32:47 2017
    tangerine posted in 80sPG Valentine's Day Mixtape.

    I was cruising our list from last year and decided that even though I'm a day late, I would add a new one. :3

  3. Wed Feb 15 18:20:45 2017
    tangerine posted in SHOUTBOX - Post anything here.


  4. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 7 18:08:33 2017

    Wow, same delivery guy and 1995 prices, pretty dedicated! :)

  5. Sun Feb 5 13:23:21 2017
    tangerine posted in Taco Fashions.


  6. Sun Feb 5 13:19:49 2017

    Pizza clothing hitting the runway:
    Now that's a holiday sweatshirt:

  7. Sun Feb 5 11:54:35 2017

    Whoa, Kid Rock looks like Vanilla Ice there. Can you image them in a battle?

  8. Sat Feb 4 12:06:13 2017
    tangerine posted in Steve Urkel vs Screech Powers.

    Martial Arts master:

    He tried to save the school from crappy class rings.

    He tried to protect Laura's honor when some bar ruffians called her a bimbo.
    With some help from the DNA of Bruce Lee and his transformation chamber, of course.

    Winner: Steve, even though the voice impersonation was disrespectful, Bruce Lee was kick ass.

  9. Sat Feb 4 11:56:41 2017


  10. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Jan 24 19:04:10 2017
    tangerine posted in The Best 80's Commercials.

    Good one @andyandy, I don't remember that particular MCI commercial, but it was difficult to forget this lady. She was so condescending.

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