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Hello Everyone

  1. 2 years ago

    My name is Chad Scheres. I love dogs and making Monsters Here's a few samples of sketchcards I've done. http://www.toyghoul.com

  2. ~Welcome Chad. Love your work man.

    If you haven't seen Chad's stuff, check it out:

    As an added note: We'll soon be offering an exclusive gpk poster for members of this forum Courtesy of Chad. Price and details of the offering coming soon.

    Thanks Chad, Looking forward to your smetches!


  3. Wow!!!! Love your style and artwork be very welcome @ the 80pg
    Looking forward to your posts

  4. El Smetcho

    19 Dec 2014 Smetch Fester

    Welcome Chad. Awesome art!

  5. Thanks!

  6. AC Slater

    20 Dec 2014 Administrator

    Welcome Chad! Great to see you here.

    -image- -image- -image-

  7. Welcome bud!!! Have fun on the 1980spg!


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