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  1. 3 years ago

    Hey everyone, Sean Bolger here! I'm a big kid at heart and kind of got stuck in the 80's, so my wife would say. :( I dabble in clay art and try my hand at drawing, when I have a wild hair. Definitely a big 80's and GPK fan! Nice to be part of an amazing site! Can't wait to get to know others with the same love for the 80's as I do, because the dookie  -image- just ain't the same anymore. lol.

  2. AC Slater

    1 Dec 2014 Administrator

    Welcome to the Playground Quazi! Glad you were able to find us 80s fans :(

    -image- -image- -image-

  3. Hey Sean! Welcome man.


  4. El Smetcho

    2 Dec 2014 Smetch Fester

    Welcome aboard Sean

  5. Welcome and have fun!!


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