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Secret Elf Sign Up 2014

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    [size=160][color=darkgreen]1[/color][color=red]9[/color][color=green]8[/color][color=red]0[/color][color=green]s[/color] [color=red]P[/color][color=green]l[/color][color=red]a[/color][color=green]y[/color][color=red]g[/color][color=green]r[/color][color=red]o[/color][color=green]u[/color][color=red]n[/color][color=green]d[/color] [color=red]2[/color][color=green]n[/color][color=red]d[/color] [color=green]A[/color][color=red]n[/color][color=green]n[/color][color=red]u[/color][color=green]a[/color][color=red]l[/color] [color=green]S[/color][color=red]e[/color][color=green]c[/color][color=red]r[/color][color=green]e[/color][color=red]t[/color] [color=green]E[/color][color=red]l[/color][color=green]f[/color] [color=red]2[/color][color=green]0[/color][color=red]1[/color][color=green]4[/color][/size]


    Hey [color=darkgreen][size=120]8[color=red]0[/color][color=green]s[/color] [color=red]P[/color][color=green]l[/color][color=red]a[/color][color=green]y[/color][color=green]g[/color][color=red]r[/color][color=green]o[/color][color=red]u[/color][color=green]n[/color][color=red]d[/color][/size][/color],

    Today marks the http://garbagepailkids.proboards.com/thread/14309/gpkug-secret-elf-2013. As the name implies, it is a fun way to exchange small gifts to a member and get to know them better. There are no expectations of "size", except for keeping it "small". No negative judging of gifts is allowed. Send out whatever 80s GPK related item(s) you want that can fit in a standard letter envelope or small padded envelope with a few stamps. If you participated in last years GPKUG Secret Santa, you can participate here too, it is non-exclusive. EU members will be matched together and similarly US members will be matched together by region.

    It is hard to believe that it is almost Christmas time again. 2014 went by quickly but that just means it's once again time for one of the best parts of the holiday season; The Secret Santa gift exchange. Dodger started this tradition last year on The Garbage Pail Kids Underground, and has passed the baton to me(Liquidfox), to continue here on The 80's Playground. Let's keep the tradition going!

    Ilovethe80s aka Smetchlock Smomes has once again generously offered to send out a limited number of promos. This time from the most recent New York Comic Con. The recipients will be randomly selected from verified* Secret Elf participants and drawn before the New Year. Each winner will also get a free Comic preview binder. Thanks Smomes!

    Deadline to enter: December 3rd 12:00 A.M PST Cut-Off and to receive GPK Promos (limited availability) after verified exchange.

    Note: All packages need to be in the mail by December 15th at the latest. That way the shipper will have enough time to get them to the recipient.

    Rules (meet at least one requirement) to enter:

    1. Post count of 1 (you have until the 3rd to make 1 post....)
    2. Must be a member and have an introductory thread (counts as 1 post.., hint)
    3. Must be in good standing in the community and elsewhere. (no shillbidders!)
    4. Must like Garbage Pail Kids, The 80s and have a love for giving gifts to others for Xmas!


    [size=80]Image courtesy of Steve Potters fanclub[/size]

    The gifts must have a 80's GPK theme. Those who flake during Secret Elf will be noted here in the OP for future reference. Please make sure you get a tracking number (preferred) or photo of the package with name and address you are sending that protects you if your reciepent says they didn't get anything.

    PM me ("Liquidfox") your name and address with the subject "80spg Secret Elf".  Participants should include their address. I will try to pair up foreign SS with each other but if necessary I may have to pair a U.S. Secret Santa with one out of country. If this is a problem please let me know. Further questions can be forwarded to ilovethe80s if im not available to respond for whatever reason.

    A friend will randomly match members together who PM me their info by December 3rd at 12:00 a.m Pacific Time and also don't forget to sign up for http://forum.the19eighties.com/forum/smetchfest-2/smetch-fest-2014/ before the http://forum.the19eighties.com/forum/smetchfest-2/smetchfest-2-signup-form/msg5129.

    If you're still not sure what to send, check out some of the gifts from last years Secret Santa

    Also make sure not to open any gifts early or you go on Santa's Naughty list!

    Signup List:
    [*]A.C Slater[/*:m]
    [*]El Smetcho[/*:m]
    [*]Jay U.K[/*:m]
    [*]Sy (Simon)[/*:m]
    [*]Grant Ant[/*:m]
    [*]Adam Ant[/*:m]
    [*]Laser Ray[/*:m]
    [*]666j777. -- jOHN-[/*:m]

    List updated as of 12-3-2014

    [size=180][color=red]H[/color][color=green]a[/color][color=red]p[/color][color=green]p[/color][color=green]y[/color] [color=red]H[/color][color=green]o[/color][color=red]l[/color][color=green]i[/color][color=red]d[/color][color=green]a[/color][color=red]y[/color][color=green]s[/color][color=red]![/color][/size]  :(




  2. AC Slater

    25 Nov 2014 Administrator

    Awesome liquidfox and thanks for taking on Secret Elf 2014.  -image-  I am looking forward to participating again this year. Will send you my info.

    One more thing, a theme I'll mention is Puce Pops. :(


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    Memories of Secret Elves Past.

  4. Count me IN!!!!

  5. -image-

  6. I am INNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  7. Edited 3 years ago by JAY.UK.

    I want in please :(

  8. Im in for this also!!! Good times.

  9. YES!! I have been waiting for this all year! 

  10. Standard .... Can't wait for this !!!

  11. andyandy

    27 Nov 2014 Moderator

    Sounds good. I'm in. Thanks for coordinating this

  12. Add me!!! I love giving things away!  -Hannukah Harry


  13. AC Slater

    27 Nov 2014 Administrator

    El-Jefe is in, PM sent Liquidfox :(

  14. Count me in, and if there is an overseas participant that has not been partnered I don't mnd shipping over tue ocean.

  15. Add me Please! Thanks, Kip

  16. PM'd ..... I feel like the naughty kid again handing in his homework late.

  17. AC Slater

    2 Dec 2014 Administrator

    Also PMed last night.  -image-

  18. Edited 3 years ago by Ilovethe80s

    Note: The deadline is fast approaching. If you were interested in joining the Secret Elf gift exchange, sign up now so gifts can make it your respective receiver by christmas.

    The following people still need to make an introductory thread on the forum.
    [*]Grant Ant[/*:m]
    [*]Adam Ant[/*:m]

    There's currently 22 people participating.

  19. The Santa tracker is freaking awesome!  My secret santa won't fit into an envelope tho, I will have to use a box i think!

  20. Edited 3 years ago by Ilovethe80s

    Note: Sobot is aware that he needs to contact you. Don't know about grant_ant however...

    I hope noone is on the Naughty list or they'll have to pony up to Santa


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