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90's Legends gone too soon

  1. 3 years ago
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    90's Legends gone too soon

    A bit unorthodox for this site, but necessary for remembrance purposes and because many of us are not defined by a specific decade, but moreso a specific time in our lives. If we remember the 80's, we certainly remember the early 90's.

    You've seen the 80's Legends thread...

    ... now we are sad to show you some of the icons we remember from the early 90's that have since past on (not necessarily recently). R.i.P

    [size=120][color=purple]Chris Kelly[/color] (Kriss Kross)[/size]


    The song that made them famous; here they are performing their hit single Jump live on In Living Colour. With their shirts on backwards of course...

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    [color=purple]Stuart Scott[/color]


    If you grew up watching sportscenter in the 90's you will remember his epic rise on the show

    Here's his story from his more recent troubles battles cancer

    very touching video.

    Booya man. R.i.P

    edit: fuck cancer

  3. 2 years ago

    Scott Weiland

    Lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, passed away Thursday at a tour stop in Bloomington, Minn., with his band The Wildabouts.

    I had the opportunity to see STP open for Red Hot Chili Peppers in a concert in the late '90s.
    It was one of those concerts that has stayed so clear in my mind and I always wanted to see STP
    perform together again. Weiland was a hypnotizing performer every moment he was on stage. He drew the crowd in effortlessly. Thank you for providing music to help me navigate my youth.

  4. AC Slater

    6 Dec 2015 Administrator

    RIP. I enjoyed his sound during the time period. It's interesting to find out he was from San Jose, near our home town. I wish I had gone to that concert! I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers perform around that time as a closer to a huge Live 105 BFD line-up, and that alone was epic. Having both of them together is hard to imagine.

  5. 8 months ago

    Chris Cornell:

    Another voice of the grunge era gone. Lead singer of Sound Garden died in Detroit on May 17, 2017, after a performance with the band.

    Cornell was a musician, singer, and songwriter. He was the lead vocalist of the bands Soundgarden and Audioslave. He was also known for his numerous solo works and soundtrack contributions.

    Cornell received a Golden Globe Award nomination for his song "The Keeper" and was voted "Rock's Greatest Singer" by readers of Guitar World.


    From my youth:

    Nice cover:


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