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80s Foods, Snacks and Candies

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    AC Slater

    24 Aug 2014 Administrator
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    [size=140]80s Foods, Snacks and Candies[/size]

    We're about to get our grub on here, and I'm wondering what you all think are some quintessential 80s foods? If you were throwing an 80s themed party, what would you serve? Booze and drinks count too.  -image-



    Cool Ranch Doritos




  2. -image-

  3. andyandy

    24 Aug 2014 Moderator

    Bartles and Jaymes Wine Coolers

    New Coke


    Fruit Roll Ups

    Jello Pudding Pops

    Nerds Candy


  4. 2 words


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    Everyone is reminding me of some awesome products. Do they still make those pudding pops?! Good old wine coolers were a staple item in college. Ate fruit rolls daily as a kid. I remember when they came out with ones that had cut outs in the roll ups.

  6. AC Slater

    25 Aug 2014 Administrator

    -image- My mouth is watering.  -image-

    I remember Jolly Ranchers being big:

    Also Big League Chew:

  7. -image-

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    loved all of those!! man, the 80s had some great food  :(
    a couple i remember:
    and used to collect new york seltzer bottles haha...randy miller ftw!!

  9. andyandy

    29 Aug 2014 Moderator

    The makers of Jolt should receive royalty checks from every dentist in America. Used to guzzle that stuff at sleepovers and play video games all night long.

  10. I wasn't that into the cheese, but had fun as a kid spreading it on the cracker with the plastic stick, easily entertained.

  11. AC Slater

    31 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Sorry Tangie, almost salted your game, hope you enjoyed it on your crackers. I don't think I really ate them in school-- I thought the cheese was weird.

    Here's a very thorough 5min+ review of the product:

  12. AC Slater

    31 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Sometimes I'd have these though, peanut butter with orange "cheese" crackers.


  13. haha ya that cheese was toxic, but i ate the hell out of those  -image- haha
    ya dodger!! i remember those orange crackers like it was yesterday!! they also had a spreadable pb version like the cheese n crackers

  14. AC Slater

    1 Sep 2014 Administrator

    Ahh, we thought so, but didn't find info on the kind with spreadable PB.  -image-

  15. ya, i can't find any info on the pb handi snaxks either...i definitely ate them on several occasions. limited edition orange crackers!
    only thing was this blurb on wiki:

    Handi-Snacks were released by Nabisco in the mid 1980s and started with a cheese and cracker combination. These products were intended for consumption by grade-school students with their lunches. Nabisco tried peanut butter Handi-Snacks with crackers but later discontinued that product. With the acquisition of Nabisco by Philip Morris (now Altria Group), the products are now sold under the Kraft brand.

  16. andyandy

    12 Sep 2014 Moderator


  17. Raiders candybars where hot in Holland , all of a sudden they changed the name into twix :(
    Like the USA version

    Dutch raiders commercial:

  18. Found another one that is real corny  -image-

  19. El Smetcho

    12 Sep 2014 Smetch Fester

    @Neon88 Found another one that is real corny  -image-

    yum Raider... AKA: Twix in the UK <3

    they also changed the name from Raider to Twix in Spain

  20. Edited last year by tangerine

    Definitely used to eat the PB with the bright orange crackers to spread it on. Odd that it's hard to find evidence it ever existed, that can't bode well. Fashionable and sugary: 

    Eat your jewelry with a candy necklace:
    Or wear a tasty ring:

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