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    AC Slater

    18 Aug 2014 Administrator
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    Saved by the Bell

    Even though the show ended over 20 years ago (1989-1993), the show has been popping up in the news for various reasons over the years. So far we've seen the entire run including Good Morning Miss Bliss, The College Year, and The New Class twice. Post whatever juicy Saved By The Bell stuff you have seen here.


    I'll start with the upcoming unofficial doc The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story that is coming out on Labor Day on Lifetime TV. I have heard it is loosely based on the "tell-all" book Dustin Diamond (Screech) wrote with the ominous title Behind the Bell with the assistance of a ghost writer. DD has very recently said that the ghost writer he was working with went rogue and took liberties with the story and he had no idea it would turn out to be so messed up. Mark Paul Gausselaar (Zack Morris) says they don't know anything about the unofficial doc since they weren't asked anything. Interestingly, the same casting agent, Robin Lippin, was deployed to curate the cast for the doc as she did for the original show. I really want to ask her about a certain background character that no one really knows about...

    It sounds like at least a few in the cast have no interest in seeing it, but I'm curious to see how this production team tries to extrapolate from such a sketchy source of info and other tidbits they are sourcing from media like old interviews with the cast.

    Preview clip:

  2. Even though the movie seems based on the type of gossip you would hear in the halls of a high school, I do love all things Saved by the Bell...For those who are in NYC in the next few months, there is an off Broadway show honoring the good and sometimes ridiculous aspects of the tv show. It's funny and plenty raunchy. Sometimes old members of the cast drop by to do a cameo in the shows. Dodger and I saw Dustin Diamond (aka Screech).

  3. AC Slater

    25 Aug 2014 Administrator

    That was a fun show. We got to see Dustin Diamonds' pepperoni. I kind want to write a review for the show. I might post one here.

    Lifetime TV posted a first 5 minute preview of their Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story, you can watch it here: http://www.mylifetime.com/movies/the-unauthorized-saved-by-the-bell-story/video/first-5-minutes-of-the-unauthorized-saved-by-the-bell-story-sneak-peek I don't know what to think, my expectations for it are pretty low for it.  -image-

  4. AC Slater

    1 Sep 2014 Administrator
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    The Lifetime Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story aired today, on now on the West coast. Unfortunately, we cannot find an alternate way to view it here. As a substitute, here is video from the E! True Hollywood Story.

    First of 8 parts:

  5. Dustin Diamond aka Screech Arrested in Bar Brawl

    Incredibly (sarcasm) someone in 2014 has the video of the incident (partial only sadly)

    Had to post this comment made by someone on that page

    It's all right cuz I'm saved by the BAIL!

    Here's a good rundown of what happened and what he's facing

  6. AC Slater

    30 Dec 2014 Administrator

    Yeah... Kind of bizarre news about Dustin Diamond. I am not sure what to think about it, I know a lot of people bash him, but he's probably had a hard time because of the whole Screech thing. But he has not done himself any favors by basically not taking any responsibility for the negative actions that have gotten him press over the years. I think if he fessed up to his shenanigans, he could have some more positive things happen for him, at least with respect to Saved by the Bell fans.

    I briefly met Dustin Diamond (DD) earlier this year at the Bayside! The Musical! parody and he seemed like a nice guy and in good spirits. One interesting thing (perhaps relevant to the current drama) that happened during the show is his lady (I did not know at the time) was sitting a few seats over from me and at one point she yelled at someone in the audience "Shut the f*ck up!". It was awkward and one of the cast members playing Jessie Spano (who was phenomenal, BTW) ad-libbed a comment about the outburst. At the end of the show, she was introduced as his wife. So my impression of her is she's a firecracker since I had never experienced that during a show before.

    DD was signed on in the later part of this year to be part of the cast for the Bayside! The Musical!. We were wondering what happened with that venture since their http://baysidethemusical.com no longer has any photos of him or mention of his recent involvement. I can only conclude they ended on bad terms. Since we are on the show's mailing list, we got this promo from the show which also seems to confirm my theory.



    Also, an interesting note is his wife (or gf, or fiancee) is (was?) a clown, going by the name Loli Pop the Clown.


  7. Dustin Diamond is turning into a true legend. The rest of the Saved by the Bell cast are so boring.

  8. AC Slater

    1 Jan 2015 Administrator
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    Don't forget Showgirls ;)

    I just want a reunion to happen and I think Dustin Diamond is the major hold-up in the cast not wanting to get together.

    This clip isn't the greatest quality and is cut a little weird, but it shows a mini-reunion on Saved by the Bell the New Class, where AC Slater, Lisa, and Zack pretty much diss Screech by ignoring him as the enter the scene. Slater even leans back a little bit.

  9. AC Slater

    1 Jan 2015 Administrator
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    In another bit of newz, while looking for that previous clip, I found this collection of "deleted" clips from US brodcasted versions (shown in France). I have confirmation from Tangerine, our SBTB footage expert, that some of these scenes are definitely missing from the episodes on the US DVD release (syndicated versions). I am feeling somewhat robbed by the editors of the DVD production. One clip in particular shows more of Zack's operation of the video dating scheme that would have built up the culmination of the final scene.

  10. I really wish the DVD episodes were the extended cuts. Some of those extra parts explained things that aren't as clear without them, plus I would love any extra minutes of that show -image-

    So time for a reunion of the cast/characters. This show has the perfect excuse being set in a high school to have the characters come back for a school reunion or they can just get the actors together for a Q and A. I'll take either!

  11. AC Slater

    6 Jan 2015 Administrator

    Looks like Dustin Diamond will have to go to trial for this case. On a bright note, he is free to roam the country for his comedy gigs while on bail.


  12. 2 years ago
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    Jimmy fallon recently aired this episode where he reminisces back to his days in Bayside... (this is a must watch!!!, HINT: the cast is reunited!!). Most of them that is... scroll up if you wanna know why a certain someone is missing)

  13. AC Slater

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator

    This looks awesome!! Will watch later tonight with Tangie :(

  14. El Smetcho

    5 Feb 2015 Smetch Fester

    it IS awesome.. Damn Mr Belding has put on quite some weight

  15. AC Slater

    5 Feb 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    We watched it and it was really great. Jimmy Fallon is the man. He has tried to get the bunch together for a while, hopefully this is just a precursor to a full-blown reunion. All of the student cast has aged well, AC Slater (Mario Lopez) looks exactly the same.


    I was also pretty shocked to see Mr. Belding (KKTY's Big Bopper) look so Big Pappa. We had seen pics of him about a year ago when he did a guest appearance at the Bayside! The Musical Off-Broadway show and don't think he was that heavy. Hope he is doing OK.

    They got a bunch of details and references in there just right. Wish it was longer. There was the omission of Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) and Screech (Dustin Diamond). At this point they maybe should settle with someone else playing Screech, I don't think fans would mind too much considering all the drama. Anyone have thoughts as to who could play Screetch? Maybe Jimmy Fallon could fill-in for him.


  16. AC Slater

    6 Feb 2015 Administrator

    For those who want to dig really deep into the history of the show....

    Before Saved By the Bell, there was Good Morning Miss Bliss that had Zack, Lisa, Screech and Mr. Belding. It was aired on the Disney Network for a short half-season run. But even before that, it had a pilot, only aired once that had other actors. I see this pilot as a sort of 80's/90's cultural Rosetta Stone. It had Jaleel White (Steve Urkel on Family Matters) and Brian Austin Green (Kyle Reese's brother in The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Just think of the possibility of Jaleel White playing the role of Screech. If you are watching the show on Netflix, take not that what they call season 1 of Saved by the Bell is actually the 13 episodes of Good Morning Miss Bliss.

    Here's the poor footage that survives. This episode would make great bonus footage for a complete series re-release.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

  17. AC Slater

    6 Feb 2015 Administrator

    Dustin Diamond pleads not guilty to various charges, including a felony. His bail was reduced to $5K. His lady gets slapped with a misdemeanor charge. There's a lot of speculation as to why he was not in the reunion. Well, from the news report earlier, the judge did not rule to ban travel, so my guess is it's a simple case of him being persona non grata, unfortunately.


  18. This reunion was way more fun than my own high school reunion! Brought back why I loved the show so much then and now.

    Mark-Paul wrote: "Thank you for all the love and support," he wrote on Wednesday. "I'm so happy you enjoyed tonight. Let's do it again sometime. Good night."

    Elizabeth wrote:"No matter how much time goes by, this connection is lasting,"#friendsforever"

    Another reunion? I hope Lisa joins in and it would be awesome if they could get some of the crew from the background who were regulars. Big Pete, Ollie, Herbert, Maxwell, and so many others who weren't even given names.

  19. AC Slater

    7 Feb 2015 Administrator


    I was also pondering this question posed by Bayside the Musical:


  20. Jeff, the creepy college guy: I always thought it was weird how he was hovering over Kelly.

    Ooh, busted!
    Post SBTB:
    Saw the pic above from an article with the following headline:
    Jeff from “Saved by the Bell” records 6,102nd Consecutive Day of Hate Mail for Breaking-Up Zack and Kelly
    "I thought it would subside after a while, but syndication on TBS has opened S.B.T.B. up to a whole ‘nother generation of viewers that all grow very hateful after they see me on the show."

    Ok, I was never a fan of Jeff and that last pic doesn't help with my opinion, but that just isn't right to get that kind of mail for playing a part on TV as much as I like to think of SBTB as being real.

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