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Let's Dance!

  1. 3 years ago

    Time to dust off our dance shoes from the '80s (mine are high top Reeboks). To start it off, here's a video I found of some cool guys doing one of my fav. dances, The Robot!


  2. AC Slater

    11 Aug 2014 Administrator

    The Running Man Dance... could never do it. Fresh Prince does it here with some  -image-.

  3. Good choice with the Running Man. This next dance was a tough one to learn, but fun once you got it.

  4. AC Slater

    14 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Nice, home video footage :(

  5. andyandy

    14 Aug 2014 Moderator

  6. AC Slater

    14 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Oh yeah! Tequila!

  7. Edited 2 years ago by tangerine

    Good one with tequila! My bro and I used to re-enact that scene wearing my dad's old platform shoes. Classic!
    Not sure how many of these dances ended up with their names. I would be curious to see someone do a GPK version of this dance :(

  8. andyandy

    16 Aug 2014 Moderator

    Here's another memorable video from my youth.

  9. andyandy

    16 Aug 2014 Moderator

  10. -image-
    Creative way to incorporate a dance move into your day.

  11. Did anyone else remember watching this show, Solid Gold, on Saturday evenings in the '80s? Started in 1980. Skip around on this clip and check out the spandex outfits and dance moves.

  12. Many great '80s movies liked to show a dance scene or two. Here's the final dance scene of Footloose. The high schoolers are dancing up a storm b/c the town has finally lifted its ban on dancing, yup, dancing.

  13. Another iconic 80's Dance movie: Dirty Dancing. In the final dancing scene, patrick Swayze would show why he ...is ... the master.

  14. I dont know why but if i think about dancing in the eighties i always think
    Electric boogie and breakdancing. :p

    The moonwalk possibly the best 80's dancemove?

    MJ the master of the moonwalk

  15. Good ones, guys! Love the last part of Dirty Dancing that starts off with "Nobody puts Baby in the corner". Difficult to think of the '80s and not think of Michael Jackson and the Moonwalk, classic. Also, that lean move seen in the Smooth Criminal video, unbelievable.

    How come I never see lively parades like this one from Ferris Buller?

  16. andyandy

    16 Sep 2014 Moderator

    Needs no introduction.

  17. AC Slater

    17 Sep 2014 Administrator

    LOL, good one, yeah, none needed.  -image-

  18. Good one with Dance of Joy!!

    I had never seen this video before, but the song always made me want to bust a jam. The video
    features many great '80s dance moves:

  19. Another Footloose dance moment. The lesson seems to be, when you need to blow of some steam, dance it out in a warehouse.

  20. AC Slater

    30 Oct 2014 Administrator

    Apparently many crucial things happen in a warehouse in the 80s.  -image-

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