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Greetings from Retro-Awesomeness (an 80s blog)

  1. 11 months ago

    Greetings from Retro-Awesomeness (an 80s blog)

    Check out my '80s blog!

    Good to be here among other '80s fans!

  2. AC Slater

    12 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Welcome to the forum 80's fan!!

  3. andyandy

    14 Feb 2017 Moderator

    Welcome Lazlo!

    Loved Lazlo in Real Genius. He is still an inspiration to me today.

  4. Thanks AC Slater and andyandy. I did get the my nickname from Lazlo Holifeld in Real Genius. I need to upload my Lazlo pic onto this site.

  5. AC Slater

    18 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Wow, just looking at the movie poster, it looks awesome. I need to check it out!


  6. 10 months ago

    AC Slater- Real Genius is a blast. Fun, quirky, off the wall and very '80s.

    I wrote a post on Real Genius on my blog. It might give you an idea of what its like:

    Real Genius

  7. AC Slater

    22 Feb 2017 Administrator

    Cool, I read the first paragraph and it sounds good, but I want to watch it first and then I'll read it after. :)

  8. Welcome, Lazlo! Happy to have another fan on the playground :-D

  9. Thanks tangerine! Good to be here with people who have such good taste (they all love the 80s!!).

  10. AC Slater

    5 Mar 2017 Administrator

    @Lazlo, we watched Real Genius... it is very 80's! There is something about movies from that mid-80s era. I enjoyed watching it, there were some good musical montages, crazy contraptions, and epic partying. It had me wanting for more info on the characters. Have you seen Jon Gries in Joysticks? He was great as King Vidiot.


  11. Edited 10 months ago by Lazlo

    AC Slater- I really need to check out Joysticks. I had not been familiar with it, but if its an '80s flick about video games, I have to see it. The other Jon Gries character that I am familiar with is the peaked-in-high-school former jock in Napoleon Dynamite. But, yeah, Real Genius is so classic '80s to me. Its one of my favorite movies, and it always takes me back to that '80s period, with that '80s style and vibe. It has quite a cult following, too.

  12. AC Slater

    5 Mar 2017 Administrator

    Interesting, I never heard about it until you guys started talking about it. Yeah, check out Joysticks, it might be up your alley. It is more of a B-movie. I got a remastered copy on Blu-ray (there's also a remastered DVD) and the colors and aesthetic really pop compared to some VHS footage I have seen on youtube that don't do it justice. I enjoy nerdy / tech comedy 80's movies and try to look out for them. Another movie that is more in the bizarre category since the production of it was totally messed-up according to its backstory, is Computer Beach Party. I discovered that one through the Found Footage Festival. There is also a strange computer/romantic comedy, Electric Dreams. All these movies came out around the same time-period so they have that vibe.


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