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  1. 8 weeks ago

    AC Slater

    Jan 22 Administrator
    Edited 8 weeks ago by AC Slater

    Asus Tinker Board - Souped-up Raspberry Pi


    I saw a few articles on the Asus Tinker and thought it looked interesting. It looks like a good fit for home video/audio and it has better audio capabilities than the Pi. It has already been released in the EU / UK, and I tried to find info on the US release, with mention of it coming out on the 30th.


    It is going to be bit more expensive than the Pi 3. It also remains to be seen how much support the board will get from Asus and the maker crowd. I was thinking sometime down the line I might need a Pi 3, but this one looks interesting. I see that Fry's carries the Pi 3, so maybe they will carry the Asus board since they sell their motherboards.

  2. andyandy

    Jan 23 Moderator

    Wow! Looks really promising!!!

  3. AC Slater

    Jan 23 Administrator

    Yeah, and I wonder what will come down the road for this format. It also reminded me that the Pi 3 has a lot of features built-in now, that you would have had to add (Wifi / BLE) for a lot of projects. One thing I saw noted is the Asus board is 32bit and the Pi 3 is 64bit, but not sure how big of a difference that makes for everyday stuff in that format.

  4. andyandy

    Jan 24 Moderator

    I'm not sure if 64-bit really matters on a board like this, it's not made for memory intensive calculations and processing.

    With debian compatibility this makes an interesting toy for wardriving especially since it has an i-Pex expansion port for additional antenna. Lock down your APs!

  5. AC Slater

    Jan 24 Administrator

    Wardriving is still a thing? Is it for hacking or just getting free wifi?

  6. andyandy

    Jan 25 Moderator

    Yes, yes and yes.

    Don't need l33t skills anymore, just a specific linux distro and the ability to follow line by line instructions.

  7. 5 days ago

    AC Slater

    Mar 18 Administrator

    Raspberry Pi Zero W


    A new version of the Raspberry Pi Zero (W) was recently released. It now has built-in wi-fi and Bluetooth. I missed the first round of shipments, but just recently was able to order a new one. I think it is a huge improvement, and it is now possible to use one as a file server without anything other than adding a power supply. Also, if you want to add a keyboard, you don't need a little hub any more, you can just use a cheap OTG to USB adapter.


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