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RIP Alan Thicke

  1. last year


    13 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Shocked to hear that Alan Thicke died from a heart attack today.

    Growing Pains was a TV staple for many in the 1980s.

    One of this last appearances must have been this crazy bit from the Eric Andre Show a few months ago.

    And who can forget Thicke Of The Night

    and the corresponding show

  2. AC Slater

    13 Dec 2016 Administrator

    RIP. He was a cool TV dad. I didn't really realize he had such contributions to the music scene. He also co-wrote / sung the the theme song to Diff'rent Strokes, which doesn't sound like him.

    And also co-wrote The Facts of Life theme song with Mrs. Garret singing some parts (yikes).

    Honestly not sure what they were thinking with these theme songs, but they were a minute long and drew in audiences.

  3. andyandy

    14 Dec 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by andyandy

    I wonder if the residuals from the theme songs paid Alan better than his acting gigs.

    Dailymotion has the Celebrity Wife Swap episode with Gilbert Gottfried and Alan Thicke.

    There's some negative history between the two and their lifestyles are so different it's a fun watch.


  4. AC Slater

    14 Dec 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by AC Slater

    Yeah, those residuals must be lucrative. I read Alan Thicke’s Best Television Theme Songs: 11 Unforgettable Tracks that mentioned Alan Thicke did the original Wheel of Fortune theme and then Merv Griffin did his own for the residuals. He was big in the game show theme song scene!

    Haha, the intro for the Celebrity Wife Swap makes the episode looks promising!

  5. andyandy

    15 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Yeah, check out the Celebrity Wife Swap. I rarely watch the show but I caught this particular episode when I was on a Gottfried binge. I'm sure the drama is played up for the camera but it was very entertaining.

    Gilbert had Alan on his podcast a few years ago. Haven't listened to it yet. Linking it below so I can remember to listen.

  6. 11 months ago

    AC Slater

    24 Dec 2016 Administrator

    I watched the Celebrity Wife Swap episode. I wonder if all the rich food from those dinners contributed to Alan Thicke's condition. And lack of exercise with all the help on the ranch. His wife made a weird comment about Alan marrying her first so that he wouldn't have saved some money from divorces, but she's so much younger, she wouldn't have been born when he was first married. Both the actor's lives seemed surprisingly uneventful. Gilbert Gottfried's frugality is really insane!

  7. andyandy

    26 Dec 2016 Moderator

    @AC Slater That's a great observation.

    It's such an interesting dynamic between the two families. Gilbert is one of the great blue comics so I think they had to put the reigns on him to keep from upsetting Tanya Thicke. Love Gilbert's "we should have sex" line. Tanya seemed like she was trying too hard to not be labeled as a golddigger but she seemed like she did love "The affordable Shatner" and not just for his decadent house and lifestyle.

    The juxtapositions between Gilbert's date in the dollar store and diner's kitchen and Alan in his hot tube and socialite party were done.


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