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What holiday movies are you planning to watch this year?

  1. 4 months ago


    Dec 11 Moderator

    Hey Playground! Happy holidays! What movies are going looking forward to watching this holiday season?

    Not from the 80s, but this has been a staple in our house every year

    And I try to show Graham Cracker Cream Pie (Click at your own risk. Not for children, the workplace or the faint of heart) to someone new every holiday season for the lolz.

  2. AC Slater

    Dec 11 Administrator

    Nice pick. I remember watching that for several years growing up.

    This year I'm looking forward to watching Ernest Saves Christmas. I haven't seen it before, so we'll see if it becomes a new watching tradition. I don't want to watch the trailer, but will put it here for watching later.

  3. I will also be watching Ernest Saves Christmas for the first time, can't wait!

    Maybe another viewing of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, always good for a laugh.


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