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Steven Seagal Megathread

  1. last year

    This has been long overdue. He is truly a Renaissance man.

    Post anything and everything Seagal here.

    This is a clip from 1990's Celebrity Guide To Wine featuring Segal and Kelly LeBrock .

    One of my faves. Such forced innuendo.

    Full video here .

  2. Did you know that Steven Seagal is a passionate collector of swords and guitars?

    He is often dressed appropriately whether he is handling a guitar or sword.

  3. A video of Seagal visiting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko's home where he eats a carrot and receives several gifts including a watermelon.

  4. Rob Schneider tells the Howard Stern Show some funny stories of working with Steven Seagal.

  5. andyandy

    19 Nov 2016 Moderator

    Love how Seagal is so much more overdressed in his desert camo than the other officers he is going on patrol with.


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