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Steve Urkel vs Screech Powers

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    AC Slater

    17 Oct 2016 Administrator

    Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kardsunlimited/4635116055

    Both Steve Urkel and Screech Powers are iconic nerdy characters introduced to us in the late 80's and went well into the 90's (don't forget Saved by the Bell the New Class 1993-2000). There are a bunch of parallels between them, so I thought it would be fun to dig up the similarities and see how they stacked up against each other.

    Unrequited Love

    Laura Winslow aka "My Pet"


    Lisa Turtle


    Both Screech and Urkel had an equally undying love for their ladies. So judging by their dedication to them, it would be a tie. Lisa and Laura were both equally repelled by the idea having any kind of romantic relationship with their nerd-friend. However, I think later on in Family Matters, the dynamic between them changes to a romantic one, so Steve gets the edge here.

    If we get into who had the best crush... Laura always had a chip on her shoulder, an abrasiveness that somehow made you feel really bad for Steve. Lisa on the other hand was always cool and collected and had a great fashion sense. I don't know what Laura was thinking half the time with what she was wearing. If I reclude for a moment into the recesses of my adolescent mind, I am going to say Lisa was overall more appealing than Laura, thus giving Screech the edge, even though he was never successful in wooing her.

    Winner: Screech

  2. Love this tread @AC Slater!

    Who had better wheels?

    Screech with his best girl friend, Alison, from the New Class:

    Urkel's BMW Isetta

    This is a tough one for me because I do like the idea of a sidecar, but it is super awesome how the Beemer opens up....They are both red, unique, and easy to fit in a parking space. I can't decide!

    Winner: Tie (I want both vehicles!)

  3. This artist needs to join this thread:

  4. 11 months ago

    AC Slater

    27 Dec 2016 Administrator

    Wow, that's an awesome graphic. If I had a tattoo list, I would put that one on as a contender.

  5. 10 months ago

    Hot Dog Attire:

    Screech working at the Malibu Sands Beach Club:

    Steve working at Mighty Weenies:

    Winner: Screech
    I like the whole outfit!

  6. -image-

  7. AC Slater

    22 Jan 2017 Administrator

    I love how random the hot dog comparison is! I think it is notable that the wiener on the hats in Family Matters sticks out very far from both ends of the bun, which for me makes this a close call. But I agree Screech wins this round.

  8. Martial Arts master:

    He tried to save the school from crappy class rings.

    He tried to protect Laura's honor when some bar ruffians called her a bimbo.
    With some help from the DNA of Bruce Lee and his transformation chamber, of course.

    Winner: Steve, even though the voice impersonation was disrespectful, Bruce Lee was kick ass.

  9. AC Slater

    6 Feb 2017 Administrator
    Edited 10 months ago by AC Slater

    I agree with the Steve winning this round. First off, the technology behind the DNA transformation chamber has not been implemented by scientists to this day, despite the fact that Family Matters has made public a clear blueprint on the system's architecture. Although I do find it creepy that Steve has a collection of hair from different famous people at his disposal. He also kicks some serious ass at the bar, and totally demolishes the room and furniture. There is even a bottle broken thrusted around, which seems gritty for the show. In the episode, they never show a conclusion to the carnage, so I just imagine Steve continues on for hours, while Laura looks on, which to me is very satisfying and comforting.

  10. 8 months ago

    Clothing: Who wore it best?




    Both guys weren't afraid to have their own unique style. Steve's is more of a '50s feel where as Screech does give an '80s vibe. Screech and Steve are both fans of suspenders.

    Winner: Screech
    I think Screech's style is harder to pull off and he made the wackiness all his own.

  11. I get motion sickness looking at Screech's shirts although I would totally wear one.

    Having the pants hiked up that high is certainly going to cause problems for Steve later in life.

    Winner: Screech

  12. AC Slater

    6 Apr 2017 Administrator
    Edited 8 months ago by AC Slater

    I agree, I would rather dress like Screech. Though I wonder about having suspenders since I feel like my pants don't stay up enough through the day. I really dig this shirt Screech wore at least once on the show.


    His wardrobe always kind of had an artistic flair.


    There was another parallel between the shows where Screech and Steve, in the later years of their character arcs, started dressing more 90's and somewhat toned down. Sadly, Steve decided that to win Laura's affection, he needed to dress a bit more normal and slightly lower the register of his voice. There was a love triangle between him, Laura, and Stefan at the time. And Screech being the assistant principal of Bayside, had to dress just a little more professional (note the pinup ladies on his tie).



  13. I liked how they kept Screech's love of bright colors for his more "professional" look, not sure how naked ladies fits that mold for a school admin....

    It left a bad taste in my mouth that Steve had to tone down this look to win Laura. That didn't seem right. I agree that wearing his pants that high and tight would not be good for him long turn, but his style got pretty dull.


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