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    25 Jul 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by andyandy

    The relaunch of Ghostbusters has brought back some of our favorite drinks and foods. If you see anything out at the supermarket post it here!

    I'll start:

    HiC has brought back Ecto Cooler in a color changing can where the slime appears when the can is cold.

    ecto cooler can.jpg


    I haven't seen these cans in the stores yet, as the local eBay resellers have cleared out most of the shelves.

    But I have been able to find the Juice Box versions ($1.99 for a 10-pack).



    Sadly, Slimer is not on the new boxes like the old style featured below.


  2. AC Slater

    25 Jul 2016 Administrator

    Wow, color changing cans sounds cool. If I spot any around here I'll send you one and you can have a cold one on me. :) I see someone in PA selling them for $6 shipped.... what's the retail price?

  3. andyandy

    26 Jul 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by andyandy

    @AC Slater Thanks for the offer...

    The retail price at Walmart was $9.26 for a 12 pack of Ecto Cans.

    I did find a supermarket today that had some in stock. Paid 4.99 for a 6 pack.

    At $6 shipped for a single can on eBay I don't really see how they're making enough money to make it worth their troubles tbh.

    Cooling in the fridge as we speak... need to pick up some libations tomorrow to mix with them. :-D

    I read online where these may be sold through Halloween this year so there should be plenty available to drink until then.

  4. AC Slater

    28 Jul 2016 Administrator

    Yeah, I don't get selling them at $6 either. What does it taste like?

  5. andyandy

    28 Jul 2016 Moderator

    It's orange flavored. Mixes pretty well with vodka and ice... The green color is a little offsetting at first

  6. @andyandy Do you also enjoy your drink with a slime Twinkie? :)

  7. andyandy

    31 Jul 2016 Moderator

    Holy cow! I have to find some of them as they straddle that fine line between delicious and disgusting.

  8. That is a perfect way to describe any Twinkie. (I can no longer eat Twinkies b/c the last time I did, I accidentally ate a moldy one that left a jet-fuel taste in my mouth. I had just bought it from the store when they reintroduced them. I didn't think they went bad for like 50 years..... ;-) )

  9. AC Slater

    4 Aug 2016 Administrator

    They have succeeded in scaring me enough away from trying them-- they do look haunted .


  10. @tangerine Sounds like you found an advanced test market sample for one of these twinkies...

    Saw the Stay Puft ones at the store but not the key lime slime. Will have to check a few more places.

  11. Some creative folks out there getting into the spirit! Cake time!


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