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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 - Opening Day

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    AC Slater

    19 Mar 2016 Administrator
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    Brief summary: Some interesting things to see at the con. The highlight was the Q&A session that William Shatner had with a very large auditorium. The interaction between him and Steve Wozniak was surreal and Shatner kept praising him for inventing the iPhone and mentioned a time when he pulled out a "Motorola" and a crowd of people laughed at him. He also had some other interesting stories and some of the other interactions with people and kids asking questions were hilarious.

    There were some interesting booths/vendors that I want to mention later. One interesting one is called Neon Mob , a startup in San Francisco, which has a very promising looking digital trading card platform which I was given a breif demo. Not a lot of cosplay being represented yet, but tried to capture as much as I could. Will be there tomorrow.... will also be posting on: https://twitter.com/80sPlayground


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