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80sPG Valentine's Day Mixtape

  1. last year

    Hey gang! Valentine's Day is coming up and I need some music to play for a very special person on a very special day.

    Help me out! I'll start...

    Love that on-the-beat audience clap along!

  2. Good idea @andyandy! I guess I can't really surprise @AC Slater with this tape, but happy to help add a little something something for the romantics out there.

    I really like this cover of the Elvis song. Good '80s sound. Hang in there past the odd intro.

  3. AC Slater

    5 Feb 2016 Administrator

    Wow, a lot of pressure here, will try my best to get the mojo going. ;)


  4. Edited 11 months ago by tangerine

    Different versions of a song that won't get out of my head since watching Grease Live.

    From Bayside the Musical (AC singing to Zack)

    Time to slow it down

  5. Even as a #1 hit, I think this is a really beautiful, underrated song.

  6. AC Slater

    8 Feb 2016 Administrator

    A little backstory/context in the video for this one.

  7. AC Slater

    9 Feb 2016 Administrator

  8. andyandy

    10 Feb 2016 Moderator

  9. AC Slater

    10 Feb 2016 Administrator

  10. AC Slater

    11 Feb 2016 Administrator

  11. AC Slater

    14 Feb 2016 Administrator

  12. 11 months ago

    I was cruising our list from last year and decided that even though I'm a day late, I would add a new one. :3


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