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Pizza Themed Clothing and Random Items

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    AC Slater

    8 Jan 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by AC Slater

    This thread is for a round-up of pizza themed clothing. There seems to be an abundance of them out there, shirts, hats, sweaters, etc.

    Pepperoni and Veggie Pizza


    Pizza slice with model topped


  2. AC Slater

    8 Jan 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by AC Slater

    Pizza Hawaiian Shirt - $95 for 7XL


  3. 61WYrmwm2vL._UL1500_.jpg

  4. I really like the t-shirts with cats and pizza, two of my favorite things together.

  5. AC Slater

    10 Jan 2016 Administrator

    Turtles one rocks, and those cat pizza ones are cool.

    I spotted this pizza cat shirt a while back. Look at that muzzle!


  6. andyandy

    10 Jan 2016 Moderator

    Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa

    pizza steve.png
    pizza steve 2.jpg

  7. This kid totally pulls off his version of the pizza hat with his expression, he looks so cool!

    Too much of a good thing?:

  8. Pizza Hut has their own clothing line:

  9. AC Slater

    17 Feb 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by AC Slater

    Interesting that Pizza Hut has it's own pizza themed clothing line.

    Here's a more formal and functional article of clothing-- a button down shirt for storing a slice on the go. I hope it has a lining to prevent the migration of permanent grease stains.


  10. andyandy

    19 Feb 2016 Moderator


    No more worries of pizza sauce getting on your tie.

  11. andyandy

    22 Aug 2016 Moderator


    PIZZA BED.jpg

  12. AC Slater

    22 Aug 2016 Administrator

    lol @ that pooch :D

  13. That dog looks super cute on the pizza bed.

    What about a pizza themed b-day cake?

  14. AC Slater

    25 Aug 2016 Administrator

    You guys are finding cool pizza stuff! I had to change the title of the thread. :D

  15. andyandy

    26 Aug 2016 Moderator

    That cake looks awesome. Wonder if the toppings are made with that delicious frosting that makes your teeth hurt when you eat it.

  16. AC Slater

    2 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Pizza socks.


  17. Awesome socks!

    Time for a costume party or Halloween!

  18. Those pizza costumes reminded me of this

  19. 11 months ago

    What do you think? Would a hot slice survive well in there? When I saw the image smaller I thought it was a huge necklace! ;-)

  20. andyandy

    24 Dec 2016 Moderator

    @tangerine LOL Great idea but I think the cheese and sauce would slide off.

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