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  1. 2 years ago

    With the holiday season here, it made me think back to those news stories of parents flooding stores across the country to get the much desired toy of the season. The result was shortages, inflated prices, and maybe a few back alley deals.

    I'm starting with a toy that never had obvious appeal to me, but is still around today sold by another company. Maybe parents liked that fact that kids thought babies came from the cabbage patch ^_^

    Cabbage Patch Kids (1983)
    The price in 1982 was $25, but the high demand for the item in 1983's Christmas season resulted in some black market sales for 10 times the amount. The following year Coleco sold 18 million Cabbage Patch Kids.

  2. AC Slater

    23 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Wow, that ending part of the video about stores buying dolls from the public to resell hits so close to home for a collector of GPK's. Also the commentary about them being totally ugly makes GPK not seem so much of a parody. And seeing a crowd of adults going nuts after collectables for kids as well. It does not really seem to be about gifts for their kids, but more of a strange group dynamic / psychological thing of that time period. :)

  3. I agree, people were like, I don't even want one, but I have to have one. Do you think adults even gave them to kids or just kept them as some sort of victory prize to brag about? One of my aunts went to our closest big city during this time to buy one of the dolls for my cousin and spent $200. This was a big expense for them, but I guess they just had to have it....

  4. AC Slater

    24 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Yeah, I think bragging rights are part of it, on both ends... Like hey kids, I'm awesome, I got the hot toy for you while bragging to friends and relatives. I saw a little bit of it with Beenie Babies, like when I was visiting an aunt and they were talking about going around to different McDonalds to find the different ones. I still remember because I couldn't imagine my parents doing that, and my dad never took us to McDonalds.

  5. @AC Slater I'll take you to get a Happy Meal. Here is one of the current offerings. I can't believe you can just look that up online and not have to go there to find out! Where's the mystery?


  6. Transformers (1984)
    After the popularity of the show, the figures became the must have item of the 1984 holiday season. Hasbro shipped an estimated $80 million worth of Transformers for the year.

    In my opinion, way cooler than Cabbage Patch.

  7. andyandy

    25 Dec 2015 Moderator

    Transformers were huge in my school, unfortunately they were very hard to find during the holiday season.

    I had wanted Shockwave for Christmas


    but since it was sold out, Santa put Galactic Man (Radio Shack clone likely made by same manufacturer. Same toy, different colors) under the tree instead.

    galactic man.JPG

    Eventually got the OG Shockwave, but I'd be lying if I wasn't a little disappointed on Christmas...

  8. AC Slater

    25 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Oh man, that's kind of funny. Props to the parents for finding its doppelganger, but yeah I could see that being disappointing.

  9. last year

    Teddy Ruxpin

    I would need a talking bear friend, too, if my classmates were these kids.

    Ken Forsse, a Disney Imagineer,created Teddy and his friends. They were home versions of the animatronic puppets kids saw at theme parks. Worlds of Wonder sold 800,000 Teddy Ruxpin dolls in 1985 for $68. The priced increased for the holiday craze.

    There was a problem with many first generation Teddy Ruxpins speaking in a disturbing gibberish. These were recalled the following year when more than 12,000 returned as defective. Bummer.

    Worlds of Wonder went bankrupt in 1988 and sold the rights to Hasbro, who later sold it.

  10. andyandy

    22 Dec 2016 Moderator
    Edited last year by andyandy

    My neighbors had the Teddy Ruxpin. Pretty cool but they weren't many tapes/books so it got kind of boring after while. Of course we were also a little disappointed when we put our Young M.C. tapes and Teddy didn't Bust A Move along to the music.

    Thanks for the memories, I will leave you with

  11. @andyandy The video above didn't work for me :(

    This is what Teddy looks like now. When I saw this I was like, who is this impostor?


  12. andyandy

    24 Dec 2016 Moderator

    Had to put a different video, the original one didn't want to be shared elsewhere. WTF?

    Not a fan of the anime-style eyes. Makes Mr. Ruxpin look too much like Pedobear

  13. Those new Teddy eyes are really odd. I'm going to stay with the original....


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