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  1. 2 years ago

    AC Slater

    16 Dec 2015 Administrator

    The old forum had a shoutbox... Let's try to replicate it here with a thread. Post whatever you want (that's forum appropriate) here. Cheers!

  2. Nice! Let me kick start this one of.

  3. Who's going to star wars 7 today.

  4. AC Slater

    16 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Are you going? I'm not going today.

  5. AC Slater

    16 Dec 2015 Administrator

    It'll be interesting to see what fans think of a post Lucas star wars.

  6. Yeah i'm going tonight 11pm. Will be hard getting up the next morning at 5:30 :)

  7. Yea! I'm so happy to see the shout box back. How you enjoy the movie, game8.

    Saw this image yesterday.

  8. Good morning guys. Well the movie looked great, speciale effects were amazing, the story was kinda ok. I need to see it a second time when i'm not so tired :)

    But overal it was a good star wars movie.
    I heard the might start with a movie about han solo younger years. That would be awesome.

  9. AC Slater

    17 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Morning / evening :) Awesome, I think I need to give the new stuff another shot. I saw Episode I on opening day and was disappointed. Off to bed... zzzz

  10. AC Slater

    17 Dec 2015 Administrator

    One more thought... @game8 Do you need to see previous ones to see #7 or where should I start?

  11. Yeah episode 1 was garbage. Made for little kids and not for the more adult fans. But i think 2 and 3 were pretty good.

    Episode 7 plays of 30 years after episode 6. If you like me you can dream the movies 4,5,6 ;)

  12. 2016 is going to be a great year for marvel and dc fans. Cant wait for captain america civil war :) trailer looks awesome. Dc's batman vs superman. Thor3, blackpanther, doctor strange and more.

  13. AC Slater

    17 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Found this suggestion:

    Next time you want to introduce someone to Star Wars for the first time, watch the films with them in this order: IV, V, II, III, VI.

  14. Nah dont watch it like that lol. Maybe skip episode one and start with 2. Then go to see the new one. If you need to catch up that is.

  15. AC Slater

    17 Dec 2015 Administrator


  16. The good old days ;) lol

  17. Anyone have an chrome gold bugged bert for sale?

  18. AC Slater

    18 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Are you making a rainbow for it?

  19. Yea trying my first rainbow. Got about 6/9 cards. Need an gold and xfractor. Last slot i'm not sure yet. A plate might be expensive and not even sure if the bugged bert plate was even found.

  20. last year


    22 Dec 2015 Moderator

    Who run Bartertown?


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