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Black Friday and Holiday Deals

  1. 2 years ago

    AC Slater

    25 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Post any interesting deals you see here.

  2. AC Slater

    25 Nov 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    CGA cgagrading.com has a 25% off sale for Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Their custom acrylic display cases are pricey, so it's a nice bit of savings.



  3. andyandy

    26 Nov 2015 Moderator


    Private Internet Access has a deal on 1-year of service for $29.00. Normally it's $6.95 month to month or $35.00 for a year prepaid. I subscribe to this and have been pretty happy with the service.

    This service is useful if you want to bypass ads on your devices, watch region locked streaming content or being a creep online.

  4. andyandy

    26 Nov 2015 Moderator
    Edited 2 years ago by andyandy


    On eBay Paypal Digital Gifts is selling a $100 eBay gift card for $95.00

    You can use an eBay gift card to purchase this so it's a good way to roll gift cards and pocket the promotional discount... ;-)

  5. AC Slater

    26 Nov 2015 Administrator


    15% off at http://www.gpkstoreandmore.com/

  6. andyandy

    27 Nov 2015 Moderator


    Topps has discounts on many of their GPK items on their online store.

  7. AC Slater

    30 Nov 2015 Administrator

    CHIP http://www.getchip.com is now $8 for cyber Monday.


  8. AC Slater

    3 Dec 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    40% off DVDs at the Found Footage Festival store with code DVD40.



  9. Those videos are hilarious, great way to chase away the holiday blues :)

  10. AC Slater

    4 Dec 2015 Administrator

    True, and some of them end up being just a couple bucks, would make some good stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts.


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