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  1. 2 years ago

    AC Slater

    6 Nov 2015 Administrator
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    The 80's Playground Summer MixTape

    I am happy to share a new project @andyandy started that came from the 80sPG Unofficial Mixtape thread. Dust off your Walkman and pop in some fresh batteries to listen to the mix on an OFFICIAL physical tape! A limited number of these cassette tapes were dubbed on nostalgic blanks by andyandy. He also arranged and mastered the mix and I created the art, which is printed on a high quality fold-out glossy insert, with the track listing inside. The tapes have been completed and are ready to ship. More details will come soon!

    NOTE!!! Tapes are not for sale and will only be given out to active participants in the forums in good standing. One tape per person. Take a break from FB / IG and post something about the 80's, your collectibles, etc!


    Full artwork:

    tape_j-card (1).png


  2. Save me a copy, I'm ready to relive Summer! Thanks for all the hard work and time that went into this. :)

  3. AC Slater

    8 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Thanks, yeah, it got "cold" (West coast cold) all of the sudden here! It is warm blankie time.

  4. Holy crap, a real physical tape? lol....I don't even have a tape deck! My old car was the last thing I have owned that could play cassette tapes, and sadly it is no more. Have fun guys!

    Has the track list been released? :-)

  5. AC Slater

    9 Nov 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    @jasondecay Yeah, the thought was to create something new with the abandoned technology. The blanks were found from places like The Goodwill. Even if you don't have a player, it makes a great display item especially since it can stand up on its own. :)

    The tracks were selected from the summer mixtape thread we had going earlier:

    SIDE A (~43:40)
    The System Dont Disturb This Groove 04:00.00
    Earth, Wind & Fire September 03:36.00 7:36
    Tears For Fears Shout 06:25.00 14:00
    Kraftwerk Trans Europe Express 04:02.00 18:02
    Corey Feldman What's Up With The Youth? 04:57.00 23:00
    Bananrama Cruel Summer 03:51.00 27:00
    Red Hot Chili Peppers Sir Psycho Sexy 08:17.00 35:17
    Jimmy Castor Band Bertha Butt Boogie 06:15.00 41:31
    The Sloppy Seconds V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N 01:54.00 43:40

    Side B (~43:40)
    Masters of Sex Intro / Opening Credits 00:47.00
    Holger Czukay Cool In The Pool 04:32.00
    Glenn Frey The Heat Is On 03:51.00 8:20
    The Power Station Some Like It Hot 05:08.00 18:00
    Sublime Doin' Time/ Summertime 04:13.00 22:13
    Air Surfing On A Rocket 03:13.00 25:26
    Otis Redding Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay 02:42.00 28:10
    David Bowie Red Sails 03:51.00 32:00
    Stevie Wonder Isn't She Lovely 06:35.00 38:35
    Gunther Ding Dong Song 04:01.00 42:36

    90 minutes of listening bliss!

  6. Edited 2 years ago by tangerine

    @andyandy Just got my Summer mixed tape, thank you so much! Getting a new cassette tape really makes me feel like I traveled back in time. Only wish I had a Walkman to play it in! :-D

  7. AC Slater

    25 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Thanks Andy for your efforts on the tape! I have this portable tape player I got at an estate sale from a neighbor a few years ago. We can hook it up to some speakers to listen to it. :)



  8. Are there any of these left? i just signed up and this instantly caught my attention!

  9. andyandy

    29 Dec 2015 Moderator

    @AC Slater . We can hook it up to some speakers to listen to it. :)

    That's awesome. Pick up on one of these bad boys so you can hook it directly into your stereo


    Ectobiologist Are there any of these left? i just signed up and this instantly caught my attention!

    Yep. Still some available, send me a PM with your address and I'll drop pne in the mail for you.

  10. AC Slater

    30 Dec 2015 Administrator

    Welcome @Ectobiologist! If you need instructions on PMs, you can find them here: http://1980s.me/f/1307-welcome-to-the-new-80s-playground/p1#p11361

  11. I'd love to get one of these if possible please. :D

  12. I would love one please!!!!

  13. last year

    are these still available??? If so I would love to get 2. One for me and one for a friend.

  14. AC Slater

    23 Jun 2016 Administrator
    Edited last year by AC Slater

    @Stung Steve , We clarified the distribution policy, check out the new note above. We gave some out and never heard back again, so thank them for the change. =/ Thanks for the interest though!

  15. So basically if I post and participate in convos I can get one?


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