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    27 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Hey there,

    Welcome to the NEW 80's Playground!

    We have officially moved to the domain 1980s.me. The forum software has been changed to a new platform and excited to start a new era for the 80sPG. The new format will take a little getting used to, but it is a flexible platform that will allow for easier and faster use. There are some new features, such as tagging users with an "@" like -> @tangerine or @andyandy and other notifications along with liking posts. Screenshots and photos can be inserted with copy/paste with compatible desktop browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. And you can also more easily read posts on your mobile device.

    If you are a previous member, and are trying to log into the new site for the first time, you will need to reset your password and be able to access the email address that you registered with.

    Thanks for joining and visiting and we hope to hear from you and stay tuned for more updates. :)


  2. 1980s

    27 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Quick tip: If you are used to the category view, use the button in the upper left hand corner:


  3. andyandy

    28 Aug 2015 Moderator

    Looking good so far...

    How will PMs work now?

  4. AC Slater

    28 Aug 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    Good question!

    Go to new conversation:


    Then pick a channel (I know this is a little odd and will change in the future).

    Then change who can view the conversation here:


    Your PM will have a letter icon next to it like this:


    You can search for #private or use this link, which might be handy to add to the menu in the future: http://1980s.me/f/conversations/all?search=%23private

    So as some may have seen me explain to @Zeleznik, I have not transferred over PMs. I am looking into it though, and it might be feasible, but will take a little bit of work to get done. I am up for a challenge, so if time permits, I'll get it done. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused, but no info has been lost, just not yet converted.

    Converting over the main forums took a lot of work and learning to get them over properly. Emoticons and some more obscure formatting tags (size, color, font, tables) still need to be addressed, I am not sure if they will just be removed or if additional bbcode support will be added to later.

  5. Thanks for all the time and effort!

  6. Yipeeeeee!

  7. Hey, maybe this is the wrong place to ask this...please move it if it is.

    Can you clear all of the posts in my old collection thread so I can repost with the picture links fixed? They are all just links now, and that's kind of hard to share pics that way.

    I thought about just trying to fix the links, but I can just repost the whole thread if that is easier.

    Cool new site, seems like an improvement!

  8. AC Slater

    28 Aug 2015 Administrator

    @jasondecay Yeah, if you'd like to start fresh, I can move it to the graveyard. I can also look into what happened.... just let me know. :)

  9. @AC Slater if there is a way to save the links without manually fixing them all that would be great! But if not, then please move it to the graveyard and I will just put up a new one! Thanks!

  10. AC Slater

    29 Aug 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    @jasondecay I fixed it for the most part, you'll see one I messed up that will be two pics the same that are in a row. I think these got messed up (in the conversion with the parser) because photobucket makes combined url / photo links to copy/paste. Man going through it, your collection is awesome! I encourage everyone to check it out that is a member...


  11. Thanks! I will get some updated pics up soon, I have way more sketches and a couple other nice surprises as well. :-)

  12. AC Slater

    31 Aug 2015 Administrator

    Another navigation tip:

    Topic categories are found near the top of the page of the main forum view:


  13. AC Slater

    31 Aug 2015 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by AC Slater

    You can also search for topics in the search bar. When you start typing, a bunch of options will come up to filter the search further if needed:


  14. Hola!!!

  15. Deleted 2 years ago by AC Slater
  16. AC Slater

    1 Sep 2015 Administrator

    Hey @Sobot-80s-Robot !!

  17. The new forum looks great!!!! I love it. I make sure to set to homescreen. Check in at least once a day

  18. AC Slater

    2 Sep 2015 Administrator

    Cool, thanks, glad you like it, and enjoy :)

  19. 1980s

    19 Nov 2015 Administrator

    Added a new channel to cover the 1990's. --> http://1980s.me/f/conversations/1990s


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