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Jason Brower- New GPK Artist

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Jason Brower and I'm an artist who does work for Topps, Upper Deck, Monsterwax, Viceroy, Pastime, and Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine. I just completed my first set of sketch cards for my first GPK series and I'm very excited about it. Hope you all like and enjoy my art and hope to settle in nicely here!


  2. Can't wait to see your sketches in the new set!

    This you man?

    Love these sketch cards you did for Wacky Packages


    The Care Bear looks great haha! Great 80s homage


    Like the Artist on Demand cards too


    Keep up the good work! (sent you a reply back)

  3. wow, that's fantastic Jason! cheers bud, glad you are here! can't wait to see some sketches surface!!  -image-

  4. I already said hi on the UG but hello again!  ;)

  5. El Smetcho

    27 Apr 2015 Smetch Fester


    Welcome aboard..

    hope u jump into the Smetch Fest !!!!!!!!!

  6. Are you doing commissions Jason?

  7. welcome to the 80spg!!! have fun!!!


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