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My introduction...

  1. 2 years ago

    I have never been one that is able to tell ofmyself. I usually rely on those that know me to introduce me... but, Here I go...

    I am the writer and poet, Wolf Morgan. An "aspiring writer" that enjoys some of the simpler things of life...like good people and good memories. Born in 1965, I was 14 when 1980 arrived...Looking back, I grew up in the best times ever. We have the coolest memories. Ours was a generation like no other.

    If anyone wishes to get to know me, They may add me on Facebook and read the works that I create. The works tend to tell much more than I am able to say of myself. Love the 80's, Dodger and some others have become good friends to me. I appreciate you all and I am honored to be here... Thanks.


  2. AC Slater

    16 Apr 2015 Administrator

    Welcome Wolf, good to see you here. :(

    -image- -image- -image-

  3. El Smetcho

    17 Apr 2015 Smetch Fester

    Welcome Wolf!

  4. awesome to have you on Wolf! i fully agree that we grew up in the best times ever...perfect combination of technology and innocence. glad to get to know ya ;)

  5. Hey Wolf. Glad to have ya here. Get your wife to sign up sometime!


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