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    AC Slater

    19 Jul 2014 Administrator
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    Full House

    Remember watching this show? I followed along watching the entire series and used this blog as a guide. He pretty much thinks it is the stupidest show ever, so it gives it a pretty good contrast to the viewing experience. 



  2. I remember watching it but i could never figure out why i did. I guess there was nothing else good on at that time of the day haha

  3. AC Slater

    19 Jul 2014 Administrator
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    Yeah, it was part of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TGIF_(ABC) , so I watched it. I probably thought DJ and Aunt Becky were cute. Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) is and was hot.  -image-


  4. @:::DDGR::: Yeah, it was part of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TGIF_(ABC), so I watched it. I probably thought DJ and Aunt Becky were cute. Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) is and was hot.  -image-


    I have been told that I look like both DJ and Aunt Becky, which might explain your draw to me. Don't mind the Becky comparison, but the DJ one is inexcusable! That blog mentioned is a must view for any fans who love to hate FH.

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    Came across this person's vision: If Full House was a horror movie trailer. I knew the show had creepy elements before, but this really solidified those feelings.

  6. andyandy

    28 Jul 2014 Moderator

  7. AC Slater

    18 Aug 2014 Administrator
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    I did this sort of 'alternate ending" video as an intro for a live video I took of the Full House Reviewed Blogger. I am guessing many of us have fantasized about Michelle Tanner getting Judy Winslowed from Full House.

  8. AC Slater

    18 Aug 2014 Administrator
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    Along that same theme, someone made this video of Full House without Michelle.

  9. Finally two glimpses into an alternate universe of a Full House without Michelle! No more, "You got it dude".

  10. andyandy

    22 Aug 2014 Moderator


  11. AC Slater

    23 Aug 2014 Administrator


  12. AC Slater

    26 Aug 2014 Administrator
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    ‘Full House’ Revival Being Considered by WB TV 

    Have Mercy!


    Looks like a sequel is coming with the main dudes interested in rekindling the fire.


  13. andyandy

    26 Aug 2014 Moderator

    Hopefully a Family Matters reboot isn't too far behind then.

  14. AC Slater

    26 Aug 2014 Administrator

    Yeah, that'd be something I'd be interested in seeing.  -image-

  15. I can't hear mention of Full House witout invisioning that death of Michelle video you showed me Dodger! It made me laugh so hard!!
    Hahah that other one were Danny is an abusive parent is so creepy....SO CREEPY.

    I use to love TGIG as a kid, seen many an episode of Fulll House and Family Matters. I remeber when Urkel used his Jetpack and blasted off into the Full House show. Crossover at its finest!

    The newsman, the paper boy, evening tv. Ahh ahh ah ah doo doo di da bwah bah bwao!

  16. 2 years ago

    Came across this commercial for the Full House dolls (that I didn't even know existed). They even included the music, yea -image-

  17. AC Slater

    13 Mar 2015 Administrator

    OMG, even in doll form Michelle is being unbearably obnoxious. What a find!

  18. My idea for the new Full House version is to have Kimmy married to Duane (Scott Menville).
    Scott's known now days for his voice over work, but there was just something about how he could say "whatever" with a variety of expressions on his face and voice that was impressive. The writers certainly didn't give him much to work with.

  19. I already forgot that Lifetime TV is planning a tell-all movie about Full House. What is this even based on? Who told all? Here's a promo pic from the upcoming movie. Any ideas for a caption of this shot?

  20. Wow.

    None of these people have ever been mistaken for Full House actors in real life.

    Although I think the girl playing DJ could be mistaken for Sloth from Goonies


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