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Adam Zombie Poster Announcement

  1. 2 years ago

    AC Slater

    30 Jan 2015 Administrator

    [size=140]Adam Zombie Poster Announcement[/size]


    Hey everyone, we are excited to announce a new monthly fan-set series being launched here at the 80's Playground. It features the artwork of Topps artist Chad Scheres of GPK inspired characters re-imagined in his vibrant monster-fink style. Adam Zombie #0 kick's-off the Playground Uglies set with a limited run of 10 signed posters.

    We have two pieces completed so far and here is what the set includes:

    (1) Signed and #'d Poster sized 11"x17"
    (1) Signed and #'d 3"x5" sized promo card of poster with next character preview on the back

    Order Information:
    Pending.... there's a list, only a few left to order, reserve yours below if you have not already expressed interest.

    Note: Adam Zombie is limited to 10 signed and #'d posters/cards.


  2. I am soooooo in!!!  :-)

  3. Count me in please  B)

  4. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yep I am in :(

  6. Iamweasel just msg'd that he can't post cuz he's on his phone. So im posting on his behalf.

  7. also IN!! awesome project :D

  8. Im all in!!!!

  9. Update: 2 left

  10. killerrrrr!! put me down for one!!  :(

  11. Edited 2 years ago by iamweasel

    I'm in. Just making it finally on something that will let me reply. Thanks for proxy.

  12. El Smetcho

    31 Jan 2015 Smetch Fester

    fugg!!!! I'm I in time for 1?????

  13. Edited 2 years ago by Ilovethe80s

    you just got in at the last minute Smetcho!

    Ok everyone. That's it for round1. These posters/cards were limited to 10 so they're all gone.

    [size=140]Signup List[/size]

    [color=magenta]Playground Uglies Promotional Poster #0[/color]

    1. ilovethe80s 
    2. Jay U.K
    3. Charredchad 
    4. Rastarandy 
    5. Casiokid 
    6. Jasondecay 
    7. GeePeeKrazy 
    8. Iamweasel
    9. Fermentis
    10. El Smetcho

    UPDATE: 4/5/15 One poster is still available!

    Payment instructions coming in a few days and stay tuned for a sneak peak at the first Poster/card in the series ...


  14. Just put the original up for sale! http://www.ebay.com/itm/221677992966?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  15. AC Slater

    1 Feb 2015 Administrator

    @Ilovethe80s .. stay tuned for a sneak peak at the first Poster/card in the series ...

    The promo card back for Adam Zombie looks like this, which has a sneak preview for the next poster:


  16. Edited 2 years ago by Ilovethe80s

    Update: [color=purple]one poster is available again[/color]. If you still want one, only one left. Just reply to this thread or contact me (love eightees), slater or chad scheres on facebook.

    Sold out again!

    Also, Chad scheres has made the final art for this poster available on Ebay:


  17. Shipped all the USA orders today. Had to get the forms for international. I'll fill those out and ship Monday Morning. Keep an eye out! Thanks again!!!

  18. wow!! that piece really pops!!! nice work Chad! -image-

  19. I just got home to a kick ass adam zombie poster signed and numbered 4/10. I have not received any payment information!?!? This poster and card turned out great!!! Cant wait for the rest of the series.

  20. Been trying to setup a payment page for you guys, but some snags for it. I am pm'ing you so you can make payment.

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